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About Us

We are facilitators of legal processes. With a decade of experience in providing legal assistance to courthouses, lawyers, and member of the general public across Canada.

We pride ourselves in delivering top-notch Process Serving, Court Filing, Skip Tracing services with efficiency.

Bounded by the following pillars, it is no wonder, therefore, we are second to none in the legal support industry.

Our Mission Statement

We aspire to be the best “Personal Service” and “Legal Support” provider globally. We aim to achieve this by consistently providing the highest quality of affordable Process Serving , Court Filing and legal support services in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

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what is a process service_
What Is Process Serving?

Process Service simply means “Serving legal documents” — by providing (hand delivering) copies of the documents to parties (respondents, defendants) involved in a legal proceeding or court case.

By serving the documents on the respondents, you are notifying them of the next cause of action they must take towards the legal proceeding.

Documents that are usually served are Claims, Writs, Summons, Divorce Papers, Subpoenas, Complaints.

who is a process server
Who is a Process Server?

A Process Server is an individual who (serves) hand delivers copies of legal documents to parties (respondents)  involved in a court case.

The Process Server must observe the rule of law of that area when serving the documents on the respondents.

An Affidavit of Service is filled out and sworn by a Process Server after serving the legal documents. Proving that the papers were served.

court filing
What is Court Filing?

As the name implies, Court Filing is simply taking legal documents to the clerk (usually at the court counter) of a courthouse for storage, contuining record and court use purposes.

After serving legal documents on a respondent, the Process Server must take the documents (affidavit of service copy or other documents) to the court clerk to put it in your file.

Continuin Record

Continuing record means a court file that has all the important documents in for a particular case.

As a rule of law, any document (court order or endorsement) the judge made in your case, and all the replies, answers, affidavit of services, motions etc must be filed under your case file number.

All of these is to ensure conitiuity of your record and easy accesss by the judge

continuing record
skip trace new location2
Skip Tracing
Skip Tracing is the art and science of locating a person who may have “skipped” (disappeared) or whose whereabouts is unknown.

People skip for various reasons i.e. debt, avoid being served etc. Skip Tracers are able to locate even the hardest to find individuals or most elusive skips by using data available to them.


By lawe Process Servers are not empowered to carry out investigation. However Private Investigators can investigate a subject whose wherebaouts is unkwown.

Thus, when a person skips, the highest Process Servers are allowed to do is provide you with information about the subjects current address. They can’t go beyond that, which is not the case with Private Investigators.

skip trace new location

10 Years Of Experience Providing Personal Service

Explore Our Range of Services
Process Serving
Court Filing
Skip Tracing

Serving Court Papers Affordably

We serve all documents, whether Family, Civil or Criminal proceedings, which statutorily require Service of Process. Our fee includes multiple attempts at the provided address.  A Sworn Affidavit of Service is provided at no additional cost.


Filing Your Court Document Affordably

Court Paper Servers are often in and out of the courts, we have extensive experience in Court Filing. We communicate often with court clerks. We will ensure that all your legal documents are filed properly.



Affordable Skip Tracing Service

If you need to locate a missing family member, witness or debtor to serve them legal documents. We can help to conduct a full Skip-Trace.We are privileged to have access to database of government agencies. Records are extracted and examined carefully to ascertain the location of an individual.

Service Includes

We are a full service legal support agency. We facilitate the following

Service of Process, Rush or Expedited Service

Skip-Tracing or Location Service

Filing, Issuing and Document Retrieval at Local Courts

Document Pick-Up and Delivery