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Learn about our range of services
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Process Serving

Process Servive simply means “Serving legal documents” — by providing (hand delivering) copies of the documents to parties (respondents, defendants) involved in a legal proceeding or court case.


By serving the documents on the respondents, you are notifying them of the next cause of action they must take towards the legal proceeding.


Are you looking to serve delgal document to anyone soon? Our Process Server can assist with any type of process service. We also have Rush Service (Same day or Next Day)

Court Filing

Court Filing is simply taking legal documents to the clerk (usually at the court counter) of a courthouse for storage, contuining record and court use purposes.


After serving legal documents on a respondent, the Process Server must take the documents (affidavit of service copy or other documents) to the court clerk to put it in your file.


Are you looking to file your legal documents? Our Process Servers we will file your court papers efficiently, ethically and timley.

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SKip Tracing

Skip Tracing is the art and science of locating a person who have “skipped” (disappeared) or whose whereabouts is unknown.


People skip for various reasons i.e. debt, avoid being served etc. Skip Tracers are able to locate even the hardest to find individuals or most elusive skips by using data available to them.


By Canada law, Process Servers are not empowered to carry out investigation. However Private Investigators can investigate a subject whose wherebaouts is unkwown.


Are you looking to serve someone or a ccoompany but don’t know their wherabouts? We have in house Private Investigators that can find anyone even the most elusive skips